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P3 Silverlight Maintenance tool (P3 ClientExplorer)

SP-Explorer is a SharePoint 2010 maintenance tool created using silverlight 4, this maintenance tool will allow you to manage your SharePoint site collection and sites


  • SharePoint Ribbon button to automatically navigate to the current List/Library
  • Explore the site collection hierarchy
  • Property grid
  • Edit and Save properties
  • Query site content types for associated lists
  • View List items based on content type
  • OOB support
  • Also provides a SharePoint web part to install on custom locations
  • Execute Client Object methods (Full Version)
  • View Collections in DataGrid, Filter, Search (Full Version)

List of plugins available:

  • Property Grid - This plugin allows your to view the properties of the client object, also provides support for editing and updating the properties.​
  • Content Type Association - This plugin provides support to search the site collection / current site for list's containing the selected content type, allows to view list items associated with the content type.​​ remove content type from the list
  • DataGrid - This plugin allows you to view collection objects in a datagrid, filter, search the items. (Full Version)
  • Execute Client Object Methods - This Plugin allows you to execute client object methods on the fly, this can be very handy in some situations where you have to modify some functionality but can't do it via the UI. (Full Version)



To install this tool please download the "P3.Tools.SPExplorer.wsp" solution and upload it to the solutions gallery on your SharePoint site, and activate the "P3 SPExplorer" feature on site collection features.

Download Link:


The following 3rd party libraries were used in the development of this tool

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