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P3 Silverlight Maintenance tool (P3 ClientExplorer)

SP-Explorer is a SharePoint 2010 maintenance tool created using silverlight 4, this maintenance tool will allow you to manage your SharePoint site collection and sites.

Using the Property grid plugin

  • The Property grid plugin displays the properties of the sharepoint object, by left clicking on the treeview node the current object properties are displayed.
  • If the SharePoint object allows update method then a save button will be displayed at the bottom to allow you to update your changes

Note: if changes are made to the object properties and you wish to save your changes then the save button has to be clicked explicitly

Content Type Association

  • This plugin allows you to find the list's that associated a selected content type, to perform this operation simply navigate to a content type (preferably site level) and right click on the content type and choose either of the two options
  • "Find Association" : Searches for content type association in the entire site collection
  • This plugin also allows you to remove the associated content type from the selected list, (this only removes the content type from the list level) also you can view the items in a list that use this content type


  • Note : User must have full permission on the site collection / site to perform some of the functionalities *
  • Note : ToolBar ribbon button is configured to Show for users with full permission only *

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